Frequently asked questions


Will you pick up my dog's waste from the yard?
Will you collect my mail and put my bins out?
How will my keys be stored while I am away?
If I need to stay an extra day, can I rely on you to keep feeding my dog?
How can I assist my pet minder?
Will you take my dog into your home?
Will you need my house keys?
What happens if there is a cyclone while I'm away?
I have a cat / rat / reptile / bird / fish. Can you feed and play with my pet too?
Will my dog be taken out for walks?
Will my dog still be walked if it is raining?
What if my dog is attacked or injured on a walk?
My dog is on the restricted dogs list. Can I still book your services?
What forms of payment do you accept?
If my dog rolls in a puddle or gets sandy at the beach, will you bathe him before returning him home?
What if my dog escapes while I'm away?



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